Nfortec presents its new logo

In any field or industry, there comes a time for change, a time to move forward. An inevitable process that can occur for various reasons, but as a brand belonging to a sector in constant development, our change is an evolution.

Today, we want to present our new logo, which wants to be a symbol of a new beginning in Nfortec, and open the doors to a new stage. A stage based on the updating and the generational leap in technology, which we want to reflect in our product catalog.

True to our values, we want to continue offering great products at a competitive price, to reach more and more users. This promise is accompanied by a technological update regarding compatibilities between products. Our intention is to make it as easy as possible for our users to use our products and to eliminate many limitations by making them more universal.

Nfortec now has a catalog that allows, for the most part, compatibility and synchronization with third-party products. This is not only due to a necessary evolution process, but also to the value we give to the opinion of the Nfortec community.

These improvements also reach our website, which has been redesigned to allow better accessibility, and an easier way to find the product that each user needs. Now, to choose between several products of the same category, there will be available a comparator, which will make the task much easier and will allow to have a clearer idea of what each item offers.

We want to continue to be part of the engine of progress of this new generation, marked by technology, putting an increasingly larger catalog, available to more people. A catalog whose articles stand out not only for their efficiency, but also for their design, more and more exclusive and careful, and durability.

We invite you to know our news and improvements, and we hope that our work and effort every day is reflected in the quality of our products. We want to continue evolving and contributing every day to the progress of this generation

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