How to calculate how much power supply power I need for my PC

Hardware is a complicated world. Not only do we have to know about components but also compatibilities, connections and even power. If you already have your gaming tower and liquid cooling to match, you are probably wondering what power supply you need and have come to the conclusion that Sagitta is ideal for your set-up. But... how much power do you need from your power supply for the PC you have assembled yourself? From Nfortec we bring you a small guide so that you can finish as soon as possible the assembly of your gaming PC

The best power supply calculators

If you want to know what is the power needed for the power supply of your PC or you think that the one you currently have is not going to provide you with the necessary power, then we bring you a series of online calculators that will let you know easily and quickly what is the power supply model you need indicating its power.

Outstanding applications to calculate the power

The most commonly used web application to calculate the power you need for your computer's power supply is OuterVision. This application will help you to know exactly what power your current computer will need and recommends a particular power supply for the specific use you want to give to your PC. From Nfortec we recommend our Sagitta power supply, with power ratings ranging from 650W to 1050W

Brands also contribute their grain of sand

The most common hardware brands on the market also have their own online tools to calculate the power your computer needs and thus choose a suitable power supply. Depending on the components that make up your PC, they recommend a power supply with the optimum power for your equipment

Cooler Master's website has a power supply calculation tool and has an interface and functionalities very similar to the OuterVision web application. This is because this tool was based on the first one we have discussed for its creation. It should be noted that the calculation tools of the brands will only offer you sources of that brand, but they can be useful to know the power needed for your future source.

Another company that offers a tool to calculate the power of the power supply is Seasonic's website, and like Cooler Master's tool, it will only offer you solutions from their brand.

Another simpler alternative

Finally, it is worth mentioning another calculator developed by the company be quiet! This last tool is not based on the OuterVision application and differs from those mentioned above because it is much simpler and offers a quicker way to calculate the approximate power consumption required by our computer. It seems to us a very complete solution because it also gives us recommendations that we can filter by power supply price

From Nfortec we recommend opting for a solution of higher power than that reflected by these results in case in the future we decide to upgrade the components of our pc gaming. We hope that this little guide has helped you and that you will be able to calculate the power required for your future power supply

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