Play wirelessly on your PC with Oculus Quest 2 and Air Link

Discover the revolution of VR gaming. Oculus Quest 2, successors of Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest, are updated to incorporate a communication protocol between the hardware and Oculus Quest 2, called Air Link. An improvement that will allow to enjoy video games in VR wirelessly.

Oculus Quest 2 were launched in 2019, and their beta ended last 2020. Despite the health emergency and the economic consequences derived from it, these virtual reality glasses closed their annual balance with very good figures. Although they have a limited catalog of games, the device has been used mainly for work-related issues. But that could be about to change.

Wireless VR gaming

Although the VR experience is very interesting, the wiring limits the ability to play PC games with Oculus Quest 2, and any other model of virtual reality glasses. This would have the days numbered because, according to the company, the v28 update will bring a new remarkable improvement, Air Link, which will allow to play wirelessly. This update was announced last April, but as usual in Oculus Quest 2, updates are enabled with small packages. If you have the device, but you still do not see the Air Link option, do not worry, it will arrive at any time. In addition, to enjoy the wireless game, you will have to update not only Oculus Quest 2, but also your PC

Technology in experimental phase

This update will allow more and more titles to be played wirelessly but, for the time being, it will be included on an experimental basis. This will be used to thoroughly test the possibilities and options of Air Link, especially with regard to what WiFi requirements it will demand or need. We already anticipate that, if you have a shared network with several devices, it will be difficult for it to work smoothly

Currently supported peripherals

Regarding peripheral options to connect, we know that the company has teamed up with Logitech to develop a way to link the virtual keyboard of Quest 2, with the Logitech K830 model. This will allow users with this keyboard to see it on screen, as well as a virtual representation of their hands when using it

If you have not yet been able to try the Air Link option, do not worry, remember that it will be implemented gradually and you will surely have it available very soon. If you have doubts about Oculus Quest 2, you can consult our analysis.

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