How to choose a case for your gamer PC

When you make the decision to build your own gaming pc you start by selecting the motherboard and the processor (usually Intel or AMD) always taking into account the compatibilities between these two components. So far so easy. The problem comes when we have to choose a case for our pc gamer. We usually choose a cheap case if we do not have a very high budget, and even if we have a high budget we prefer to reduce investment in the case in order to prioritize the quality of the other components of our computer. Do you want to know if you are making a mistake?

Case for your Gamer PC: an essential choice


The choosing a tower for your gaming pc should be based on several questions, not only the price. There is no point in investing forty euros if the components that will be part of our future computer need to be installed in the same way box of eighty euros (either for spaciousness, space for liquid cooling, mesh front for optimal air circulation...)

The temperature of the city you live in is also important when choosing a gaming tower for your computer. It is not the same to use your computer to play long gaming sessions in Asturias than in Seville. The higher the average temperature, the more ventilation will be necessary for your pc

Determining factors that will make you decide between one PC case or another


Normally you choose a case for your computer without giving it much thought. You check that it is not worth a lot of money, that it has an acceptable design and you jump into the pool. But there are a number of factors that you must take into account, if you do not want to make a bad choice in terms of the tower that will store all the components of your computer.

The fundamental point to bear in mind is that the investment must be in accordance with your final budget. It is not advisable to spend too much money on a box for a small budget, but neither is it advisable to spend too little for a very high budget.

A great box if your budget is in the range ofbetween 400 and 600 euros for a complete gaming pc, it could be our modelNfortec Lynx, which is available in black and white, at a retail price of less than 50 euros. However, if you want to prioritize spending on other components such as a processor and a higher level graphics card, it would also be possible to complete the equipment with this case and the updated heatsink Centaurus X, for a total budget of between 1000 and 1100 euros. This heatsink is a great option because, not only has a wonderful price, but it has RGB, preserving the most gaming aesthetics, and is available in black and white, to match your Lynx, whichever you choose

Is it advisable to choose a cheap gaming tower for your computer?


Use a more economical box for our pc even if we have a very high total budget it is possible. If we build our computer with a case of less than 50 euros and a powerful processor and graphics card, the maximum temperatures will remain below the maximum allowed and recommended. Nevertheless, we recommend including good refrigeration,so that temperatures do not get so close to that allowed limit, especially when we are using the computer to play our favorite titles. If the front is closed, as is the case with the Lynx gamer tower, adding two extra fans on the front would mean a fairly significant reduction in maximum temperatures. Therefore, if we have an air heatsink and two extra fans on the front, it would be possible to use a tower of less than fifty euros for a budget between 1,000 and 1,100 euros

If your intention is to continue in this line of low prices, with respect to what you want to invest in your box, we recommend that you also take a look at Caelum y Eris. These towers have similar features to Lynx, and are under 60 euros, but have the front mesh, so perhaps they are an option to consider if, at first, do not want or can not add much extra ventilation to your tower

Do not leave the acquisition of the case in your PC Gamer as a last step

At Nfortec we specialize in offering various models of towers, perfect for different configurations, but keeping the most gamer style. If you are looking for a tower with a more special design and, without a doubt, will leave everyone with their mouths open, with Krater for a little more than the previous models, Krater is available in its original version, and in its mini version, in several limited edition colors. This tower is undoubtedly one of the crown jewels in the crown of Nfortec it is not only perfect to house all the components you choose, but it also has a good ventilation, and with it you will enjoy the best ARGB technology, controlling its lighting from its included remote control (in original Krater)

Another safe bet is Draco V2, the ARGB controller, a gaming tower ready to house a good configuration that will allow you to play without problems for hours. In addition, it has ARGB controller, which allows you to choose the lighting of your components, to highlight its impressive aesthetics

Long-term vision and profitability

At Nfortec we also have a range of cases with features that make their price rise but, in the case of these models, it is very important that you analyze their features well before discarding them. This is because, when a tower is in a higher price range, it will surely have several pre-installed components, such as fans, controller and even power supply in some cases, which will make what you invest on the one hand, you save on the other. In addition, the number of hard drive bays, compatibility with different motherboard form factors, options for installing liquid cooling and/or additional fans...among other things, are usually ahead in this type of cases

Think well what your goal is for your PC, so you will know if investing in one of these impressive gaming towers would be profitable, since there are models like Nekkar, Synistra or Auriga, which can accompany you for many years, and help you get the configuration you really want to achieve over time, although right now it is not in your plans

Aqueronte, for those who go beyond

If you already know that you want a top-of-the-line tower to match the components in your configuration, Acheron is the gaming case you are looking for. A tower compatible with virtually any configuration you can imagine, even accepting liquid cooling at the bottom and ready to treat with care any components you install inside. Its multitude of fans are accompanied by dust filters, yes, also at the bottom, so that your entire PC is well protected. You have not seen anything like Aqueronte, and we assure you that it will be with you for a very long time, because it is prepared for new trends, so any combination of components will fit in it, wonderfully well

At our post dedicated to Aqueronte you will discover all the advantages and details it hides, and we know you will fall in love with it, because it is a gaming case designed to do away with space limitations and restrictions.

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