Supplementary fan

The fans for pc gaming are very important to maintain an adequate temperature in the other components of your computer. Discover our family of gaming fans and get them separately or in a combo of 3. Additional fans are available for each model of pc tower Nfortec.

Supplementary fan


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Nfortec Velorum ARGB combo fans for PCs The new Velorum ARGB fans surprise with a transparent design that allows you to amplify the lighting of your computer. Compatibility to power thanks to its standard 5v 3pin connector and customization guaranteed with its Velorum Combo model thanks to the included ARGB controller. Its anti-vibration pads will reduce...
Supplementary fan

Nfortec Aegir X FAN

High-performance supplementary fan for AEGIR X.
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    Supplementary fan

    Nfortec DRACO V2 FAN ARGB

    RGB supplementary fan for Draco V2 A-RGB *Only compatible with Draco v2 towers after September 2020 and upgrading the connector to 3pin 5v A-RGB.
    Supplementary fan

    Nfortec Nebulus High Performance ARGB Fan for PCs

    Nebulus High-Performance ARGB PC Fan The Nebulus ARGB PC fan incorporates a unique 11-blade design and anti-vibration pads to reduce noise to a minimum. Get the best airflow for your PC and synchronize your ARGB lighting with the standard 5v 3pin ARGB connector. Installation in three easy steps.
    Supplementary fan


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    Oberon ARGB CPU Air Cooling With an elegant design, in dark tones, comes Oberon ARGB Cooling Fan, our new fans with LED backlight. Its finishes with anti-vibration rubbers make it a silent and indispensable component of any high quality cooling system. Number of fansOberon Single Oberon Combo*Only compatible with NFORTEC towers that still...

    PC fans

    In our family of computer fans you will find different types of fans to suit the characteristics of your PC: 120mm is the standard size that usually have our gaming fans. Thanks to these supplementary fans the inside of our equipment will have fresh air and will allow to expel the hot air generated by the rest of the components of the pc. In short, it is the ideal complement to a liquid cooling or a CPU cooler

    It is very important to carry out a correct installation that prevents the appearance of air pockets or that creates a bad air circuit. The airflow must be configured to allow air to be blown out of the gaming case. An improper installation could even cause our computer to stop working.

    RGB fans

    One of the differentiating elements of Nfortec gaming fans is undoubtedly the RGB lighting. Our entire family of computer fans has RGB lighting, either on the blades or on its circular outer part. If you like modding or looking to customize your pc gaming to the maximum will be one of the elements you're looking for. Configure the RGB lighting of your computer with amazing effects thanks to the PC fans that we offer from Nfortec.

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