Nfortec Synistra ATX Black Tower
    Nfortec Synistra ATX Black Tower
    Nfortec Synistra ATX Black Tower
    Nfortec Synistra ATX Black Tower
    Nfortec Synistra ATX Black Tower
    Nfortec Synistra ATX Black Tower

    Nfortec Synistra ATX Black Tower

    5 Reviews

    Black ATX Gaming Tower

    The new RGB gaming tower Nfortec Synistra surprises for its main and great innovation: an installation with unique design in vertical format. Thanks to its ATX 3.0 gamer tower features, it achieves a much higher temperature than a standard ATX case. Surrender to the leap forward in hardware that is Nfortec Synistra and take your set-up to the next level


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    Title Aliexpress
    Nfortec Synistra ATX Black Tower
    Supported motherboard size
    Maximum length Graphics card
    Maximum height Air cooling
    Expansion slots
    RGB controller included
    Fans included
    Synchronization to motherboard 3pin 5v
    Rear Liquid Cooling
    DIMENSIONS (L x W x H)442mm x 215mm x 443mm
    MATERIAL0.7mm SPCC steel, tempered glass
    FAN LOCATIONFront: 3x 120mm (3x ARGB included)
    2x 140mm
    Rear: 2x 120mm
    2x 140mm
    DISK BAYS4x 2.5" + 2x 3.5" + 2x 3.5"
    FRONT I/OUSB 3.0 x2
    Headphone/Microphone x1
    Power On/Off
    DUST FILTERS1x Top side
    1x Front side
    1x Bottom side
    POWER SUPPLYATX format up to 200mm (not included) placed on bottom side
    GRAPHICS CARD (GPU)Up to 320mm (not included)
    CPU DISSIPATORUp to 167mm (not included)
    5 Reviews

    Excelente torre, además de muy atractiva, el hecho de tener los conectores de la Tarjeta madre por arriba es verdaderamente una excelente idea muy útil.

    Perfecta para mi
    Llevo tiempo buscando una torre que lo pueda poner en la parte izquierda y se vea el interior, ya que no hay muchas, y de repente sacan esta belleza que ademas la grafica se pone en vertical y los cables no sobresalen. Me encanta. No puedo esperar a terminar de comprar los demas componentes y poner con el mismo ciclo la nfortec synistra, la liquida atria 240 black y PSU sagitta 750w.

    muy pro
    Una torre increíblemente profesional. Las luces LED son una pasada, y el entorno silencioso de sus ventiladores es magnífico

    Acerte 100%
    Genial, tenia algo de dudas pero efectivamente acerte con mi compra. Me encanta poco puedo decir más

    Enamorada es la palabra. Tiene un diseño impresionante, con el cristal templado puedes ver todo el pc en funcionamiento.
    A gaming case that shines with its own light

    The gamer tower Nfortec Synistra includes three 120mm ARGB fans on the front. Thanks to its mesh front panel, the lighting of your gaming tower will stand out. Customize your games and choose from more than 20 lighting modes that you can control through the ARGB controller included with the box

    ATX 3.0 ventilation

    The Synistra gaming tower has space for up to 5 fans. It is possible to place three 120 mm or two 140 mm fans in the front and in the rear there is space for two 120 mm or two 140 mm fans. The airflow of Nfortec Synistra is a step ahead of other models of ATX PC cases. Thanks to the three 120 mm RGB fans included as standard, its mesh front and its 3.0 ATX technology, it is able to reduce by 8 degrees the temperature provided by a normal ATX gaming tower. Complement your PC with Hydrus V2 liquid cooling or Centaurus air cooler and don't worry about the temperature of the rest of your components.

    Hardware innovation: vertical installation

    Our new gamer tower Nfortec Synistra will surprise you for being the first case of the Nfortec family that has an installation with a unique design in vertical format. If you want to get out of the routine of the usual assembly of a gaming PC and dive into the pool of a larger tower with more space for your components, Synistra is your best option. Take that leap of quality that your set-up needs and professionalize your computer.

    Control panel of your tower PC

    From the top of Nfortec Synistra tower PC you will have access to all its features and options. Connect your speakers or headphones thanks to the built-in 3.5mm HD jack, turn on and off the gaming tower with the Power button, reboot with the Reset button and control up to 20 different lighting effects with the included controller. Connect up to two peripherals to your Synistra PC tower thanks to its two USB 3.0 ports.

    Synistra, our most spacious gaming tower

    The gaming tower Nfortec Synistra features an easy, fast and for the first time in our family of gamer towers, vertical assembly. Take advantage of its ample space to place all your components, Synistra is our largest and most spacious tower. Inside we can place graphics cards up to 320 mm or Cooler with maximum height of 167 mm. Its lower independent bay has capacity for power supplies up to 200 mm and has 7 expansion slots. The dimensions of the computer case are 442x215x443mm.

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