Nfortec AEGIR X CPU Air Heatsink
    Nfortec AEGIR X CPU Air Heatsink
    Nfortec AEGIR X CPU Air Heatsink
    Nfortec AEGIR X CPU Air Heatsink
    Nfortec AEGIR X CPU Air Heatsink
    Nfortec AEGIR X CPU Air Heatsink

    Nfortec AEGIR X CPU Air Heatsink

    Air cooler for high performance CPUs

    The new heatsink Nfortec Aegir X stands out for its dual tower format and dual ventilation. It is compatible with AMD and Intel and has 140mm hydraulic bearings ventilation. Take your gaming PC to another level with up to 200w max TDP. Looking for a cooler computer?

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    • Maximum performance dual tower heatsink
    • 140mm Hydraulic Bearing Ventilation
    • Intel and AMD compatible
    • Dual tower form factor and dual cooling
    • Up to 200W TDP max.

    The new Aegir heatsink series is designed to meet the needs of those processors that require maximum cooling capacity to maintain 100% performance no matter the task. Thanks to its 6 copper tubes on a double tower format and its 140mm fans and hydraulic bearings you will have up to 200W max TDP.

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    Nfortec AEGIR X CPU Air Heatsink
    Type of Refrigeration
    CPU height
    Cooling capacity max.
    ModeloAEGIR X
    Intel → 775 / 115X/ 1366 /1200
    AMD → AM4/FM2 / FM1 / AM3+ / AM3 / AM2+ / AM2
    Dimensiones164mm x 140mm x 145mm
    Dimensiones Ventilador140mm x 140mm x 25mm (2)
    Velocidad máxima (RPM)800 - 1500 RPM ± 10%
    Caudal de aire (airflow)82,79 CFM±10%
    Presión estática1,31mm/H2O±10%
    Ruido generado16~38dB(A)±10%
    Tipo de rodamientosFDB (Rodamientos hidráulicos )
    Vida Estimada de uso100.000h
    Tubos de disipador de Calor6 tubos
    TDP max180W
    Voltaje12V 0,3A ±10%
    Conectores12v alimentación 4pin (PWM)
    Material disipadorAluminio, Cobre
    Contenido1x AEGIR X
    1x Set de instalación para Intel/AMD con pasta térmica incluída
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    Takes care of everything

    The PC heatsink Nfortec Aegir X has been designed and manufactured exclusively to support the most powerful and demanding processors without the need for liquid cooling systems

    Stay cool

    The CPU cooler Nfortec Aegir X offers a cooling capacity of up to 200W TDP max. which it achieves thanks to its 6 U-shaped mirrored copper tubes. The CNC cut contact base with double tower format will guarantee the maximum performance an air cooler can offer

    More power, quieter

    The air cooler Nfortec Aegir X includes two 140mm high performance fans with PWM function to manage the power curve of generated air. Its hydraulic bearings will offer you a lower friction, obtaining a lower level of generated noise and a longer service life due to less wear and tear

    For the most demanding

    Aegir X has an out-of-the-ordinary size due to its maximum performance design. It has dimensions of 164mm x 140mm x 145mm. It is important to check that the gaming tower you choose is suitable for installation. You can install the Aegir X computer heatsink on virtually any Intel and AMD processor, since thanks to its fastening system, it is compatible with a long list of sockets. Its elegant, simple and timeless design makes it perfect for any configuration or setup you decide to mount

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