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If you are thinking of changing the tower of your computer, and you are having trouble deciding on one, today we bring you a top with four of the most interesting towers in our catalog, two for configurations with all types of motherboards, and two smaller ones, perfect for Micro ATX and ITX motherboards. Do not miss this post if you are looking for your perfect gaming case

From the hand of Eseka, we review four of our star towers, all perfect for a gaming configuration, but with different specific features for each configuration. Pay attention to the differences because, for sure, among these four towers is the one you are waiting for to build your gaming rig, but remember, you also have more options in the full catalog of our website, many towers share features, but differ in aesthetics, what is yours?

Micro ATX and ITX configurations

For configurations with these motherboard form factors, Eseka highlights two of our towers: Dys and Krater Mini. Two options with different features, but both perfect to house virtually any component of your gamer setup


This tower, derived in certain aspects from the Eris model, is one of Eseka's favorite towers, due to its design and features. Its mesh front, together with its lighting, make Dys a very elegant tower, without losing the gamer essence. Dys has ARGB technology that allows synchronization of lighting, and other components, if the connectors are compatible

If you have fallen in love with Dys, Eseka himself has an explanation of one of the many possible builds on his channel. We leave you the link to the review from our blogin the video, in addition to commenting on the possibility of installing additional fans, heatsinks and motherboard sizes that this gaming tower accepts, Eseka also explains that it is compatible with all power supplies from Nfortec and, of course, you can add the ARGB controller to synchronize all your components.

Krater Mini

The mini version of our Krater, one of the best rated towers in our catalog. Krater mini offers the same features as its larger sister, but with some differences, as it is specially designed for Micro ATX and ITX configurations, as previously specified, and is available in four spectacular colors: black, white, blue and pink. On the other hand, it allows you to place a liquid cooling system on top, and you can synchronize its lighting thanks to its ARGB technology, and it has an integrated controller as standard

Towers focused on E-ATX and ATX motherboard configurations


Surtur is one of the design gems in our tower collection. If you are looking for a gaming tower with mesh front, and specially designed for ATX motherboards, Surtur is waiting for you. An exceptional gaming tower, with the possibility of making epic configurations, accompanied by the best cooling. Its strong points are the design and lighting, very different from what is normally seen in the gaming market, but in terms of size and possibility of configurations, it will never be too small


Our top of the range tower, in it you can mount all the configurations you had in mind, and even many more, that you will discover when you see all the possibilities offered by this gaming tower, which has no equal. Its impressive dimensions, 425mm x 240mm x 550mm, allow even custom installations and to take care of all your components, it has several anti-dust filters. Show off PC design with its side tempered glass, because this tower will be the pride of your set-up

It is designed following the current trends, to offer you not only the best in performance, but also in style, so you have the possibility to place the GPU vertically. It also has a compartment at the top rear, to place the power supply and that it is isolated from other components, and thus obtain better cooling

Nothing can beat our Aqueronte tower, and if you decide to go for it, you will have a tower for a while, no matter the configuration you have imagined, in Aqueronte you can carry it out. Discover all that Aqueronte has for you, in this post.

We also leave you the video of Eseka, in which he explains why these four towers are in his top four gaming towers of Nfortec, and in which he will also give you some tips when it comes to builds in them, so that you choose without doubt, what is the perfect tower for your team

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