Unboxing and review of Aqueronte

Discover the Aqueronte experience from Eseka, and see what it feels like to receive this awesome tower at home. Join Eseka to confirm that this is the tower your setup needs, and let your imagination run wild, because Aqueronte is the gaming box that breaks all limits

Made and shipped with love

From the first moment, you will feel the care we put in the packaging, so that our products arrive to you in perfect conditions, as well as in its careful design, highlighting the most relevant points of the product

Eseka reveals everything you will receive when you get Aqueronte, in addition to the box, you will find everything you need for assembly, screws, flanges and more. You will also receive a card with a QR code, through which you can access the manual, so we save paper and contribute to the conservation of the environment

Key features

Next, Eseka takes a tour of the most important features of this premium gaming case, such as its materials, which include steel and tempered glass for the side. He refers to the importance of its large front panel with a dust filter and its three pre-installed 120mm fans. At this point, he suggests the standard build, with three 140mm fans, for incredible aesthetics, as well as impeccable airflow, but if you're going to put more fans or liquid cooling around the case, 120mm fans would be fine as well

Behind it also has two magnificent pre-installed 120mm fans, but we can put liquid up to 240mm, as well as in the base, to give a jet of air to the graphics, although as Eseka says, most likely it is not necessary with this tower

The filters are great, precisely because of the high ventilation capacity that Aqueronte has, because without them it could accumulate a lot of dust, but that's why we have provided it with filters throughout the case

Aqueronte goes one step further

Aqueronte has the power supply at the top, in a compartment with its corresponding dust filter, separate from the rest of the case. In this case, the power supply does not draw air from inside the tower, as might happen with other towers that have the power supply on top. It is usually preferred to place the power supply at the bottom for optimal airflow, but with Aqueronte this would not be necessary. Thanks to its side opening in the power supply compartment, the power supply will take in fresh air from outside, cool the power supply itself, and expel it through the slit at the rear

Ready for the build of your dreams

Eseka's build includes our Alcyon hard drives, and he has chosen certain components that generate quite a bit of heat, to test the cooling efficiency of Aqueronte, along with our Atria Ivory 360mm liquid. See how the Aqueronte's cooling works with Atria, while Eseka records his games playing at very high settings, which require a lot of power from certain components of the PC. At all times you will be able to see the CPU, GPU and RAM temperatures on screen

Eseka's conclusions

We highly value the conclusions of Eseka, and in its review highlights its design, mainly, that allows you to assemble the build of your dreams, and for that we have created Aqueronte. Plenty of space for cabling, which facilitates the assembly of any component, accepts graphics cards of virtually any size, and it would even be possible to include a custom cooling. Stay tuned to Eseka's channel because, maybe he will be up for it soon

As always, we would like to thank Eseka for his great videos and ratings, as well as his proposals and suggestions for improvement, as well as alternatives and solutions so that you can build your setup with Nfortec products, and get the most out of them

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