Nfortec Scutum X 850W PC Power Supply...
    Nfortec Scutum X 850W PC Power Supply...
    Nfortec Scutum X 850W PC Power Supply...
    Nfortec Scutum X 850W PC Power Supply...

    Nfortec Scutum X 850W PC Power Supply 80+ Bronze

    80+ Bronze PC power supply

    The new Scutum X comes with a refreshed design. A power supply adapted to today's needs with improved cooling, non-modular mesh cabling and 80+ Bronze certification. Available in 3 power variables: 650W, 750W and 850W.


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    80+ Certification
    80+ Bronze
    CPU Cables
    PCIE cables
    Dimensiones153mm x 81mm x 160mm
    Puertos e interfaces
    Alimentador de energía para placa base: 20+4 pin ATX, Longitud 550mm
    Conector de energía EPS (8-pin), Longitud 680mm
    Conectores de energía PCI Express (6 + 2 pin): 2, Longitud 500mm
    Conectores de energía SATA: 5, Longitud 450mm
    Conectores de Energía (4 pin) periferales (Molex): 2, Longitud 450mm
    Conector adicional S4P (FLOPPY)
    Tipo de CableadoNo modular
    Control de Energía
    Potencia total: 850 W
    Voltaje de entrada AC: 100 - 230 V
    Frecuencia de entrada AC: 50 Hz
    Corriente de entrada: 10 - 5 A
    Potencia combinada (3,3 V): 90 W
    Potencia combinada (+12 V): 768 W
    Potencia combinada (+5 V): 90 W
    Potencia combinada (-12V): 18,5 W
    Potencia combinada (+5 VSB): 18,5 W
    Corriente máxima de salida (+3.3V): 15 A
    Corriente máxima de salida (+12V): 64 A
    Corriente máxima de salida (+5V): 15 A
    Corriente máxima de salida (-12V): 0,5 A
    Corriente máxima de salida (+5Vsb): 2,5 A
    ProteccionesSobrevoltaje (OVP), Cortocircuito (SCP), Bajo voltaje (UVP), Sobretensión (OPP)
    Certificación 80 PLUS80+ BRONZE (Eficiencia 85%)
    Diámetro de ventilador: 14 cm
    Número de ventiladores: 1 Ventilador
    Ubicación de ventilador: Superior
    Tipo de enfriamiento: Activo
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    Sustainable evolution

    The new Nfortec Scutum X arrives to meet the requirements of the new generations of computers, with the ability to maintain its performance at 100% with an energy efficiency of over 85%. The Scutum X PC power supply comes with improved aesthetics adapted to the trends, with all the improvements that make it a safe bet to power any setup

    Performance at the level of professionals

    The new Scutum X power supply series offers you a range of 3 versions (650W, 750W and 850W) so you can choose the one that best suits your configuration. Thanks to its 80+ Bronze certification, it guarantees peak performance with an efficiency of more than 85%, so you will not only be giving better power quality to your components but also saving on energy consumption

    The power supply you need

    The PC power supply Nfortec Scutum X (in addition to the variety of power series: 650W, 750W and 850W) has wired connections with mesh protection: 2 connections for CPU, 2 for graphics card or PCIE, 5 SATA connections and 2 MOLEX connections (+ 1 additional for FLOPPY).

    Protect your computer

    The design of our new PC power supply has been completely renewed. Scutum X is 80+ Bronze certified, ensuring up to 85% efficiency. We have improved its internal components to reinforce safety and integrity over time by using top quality capacitors. If to all these modifications and improvements we add a cooling through a 140mm fan that dissipates heat through the front metal mesh exclusive Nfortec, we will find ourselves in front of one of the safest PC power supplies on the market

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