Nfortec Atria Liquid Cooling RGB 120...
    Nfortec Atria Liquid Cooling RGB 120...
    Nfortec Atria Liquid Cooling RGB 120...
    Nfortec Atria Liquid Cooling RGB 120...

    Nfortec Atria Liquid Cooling RGB 120 White

    3 Reviews

    ARGB liquid cooling

    The new RGB liquid cooling Nfortec Atria RGB stands out for its design in black and white colors and compatibility with other brands thanks to its 5v 3 pin connector (compatible with the 10th generation of Intel). Atria's pump is also illuminated and the cooling is available in 120 or 240mm.

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    Nfortec Atria Liquid Cooling RGB 120 White
    Type of Refrigeration
    Radiator Size
    Requires RGB Controller
    Cooling capacity max.
    MODELATRIA 120mm
    COMPATIBLEIntel → LGA 775/1151/1155/1156/1366/1200/2011/2066
    AMD → AM4/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/FM2/FM1
    A-RGB5v 3pin A-RGB
    SIZE120mm x 120mm x 25mm
    SPEED / NOISE LEVEL800-1800 RPM ± 10% / 32 dBA ± 10% / 32 dBA ± 10%
    AIR VOLUME / STATIC PRESSURE65 CFM ± 10% / 2.08mmH2O ±10% / 65 CFM ± 10% / 2.08mmH2O ±10%
    SIZE153mm x 120mm x 27mm
    MATERIAL/TUBE LENGTHAluminum/380mm
    SIZE75mm x 75mm x 53mm
    SPEED / NOISE LEVEL2200 RPM ± 10% / 23 dBA ± 10%
    3 Reviews

    Bonito, cabe en cualquier caja y mantiene a raya las posibles subiditas de tono de tu procesador, siempre fresquito aunque tengas la torre junto a las puertas del infierno. Casi por el precio del clásico y voluminoso de aire, ganas en espacio y estética en tu caja

    Perfecto, me bajó sobre 20º de media la temperatura del pc. También decir que cambié la pasta térmica por la Artic MX-4

    Muy facil de montar
    Nunca había montado ningún sistema de refrigeración líquida, y la verdad es que ha sido muy fácil de montarlo. Y en lo que refrigeración se trata, realiza su función perfectamente y acompañado de esas luces, queda espectacular

    Our family of liquid coolers, model Atria, could not be more complete. Available in 120, 240 and 360 mm, it will revolutionize the ventilation of your computer, thanks to its design, which favors dissipation, reducing noise. Enjoy the lighting synchronization options, thanks to its standard 3-pin connector, and choose between the black or white model, so that Atria will perfectly match your set-up

    Lighting and compatibility go hand in hand

    Forget about checking one by one the compatibilities between Atria and the rest of the A-RGB components of your PC. We know how important lighting synchronization is to you, that's why this liquid cooler has 5v 3-pin A-RGB connections, which make it compatible with an infinite number of components, regardless of their brands. Let yourself fall in love with its rainbow effect or synchronize it with the rest of your equipment, and show your colors

    The cooling will not be the only element that lights up, as the pump also features A-RGB lighting, in addition to its elegant mirror effect. Differentiate yourself from the rest and control all the lighting with Nfortec

    A new design for ventilation

    Atria is not just any liquid cooler. Its new fan design employs 7 blades, housed in a thin and light-looking, yet sturdy frame. It incorporates anti-vibration pads that improve the efficiency of heat dissipation, and promote noise absorption so that your set-up is silent. Let nothing break your concentration with our Atria liquid cooling

    Create a gaming computer to suit your needs

    A-RGB Atria liquid cooling, in any of its versions, is compatible with the vast majority of microprocessors on the market (Intel/AMD). Despite how fast the hardware world is changing, this model is fully compatible with the 10th Gen Intel socket 1200, making it perfect even for those who strive to keep their components up to date. Stop worrying about whether your liquid cooling will be compatible with your current computer configuration, choose Atria and make sure of it

    Quick and easy installation

    The installation of the liquid cooling Nfortec Atria, regardless of the version you choose, continues to maintain the simplicity of our previous models, facilitating the assembly, so you can enjoy our All-in-one cooling in three easy steps

    Whatever configuration you choose, there is an Atria model for you. Now available in three versions: 120mm for optimal ventilation flow, 240mm for configurations that need a little extra, and the crown jewel, 360mm, that will make you forget about high temperatures

    If details are important to you, you can also choose between the black or white model. Combine your cooling and the rest of your equipment with Atria

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