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    Kaus mouse pad small 250x200x3mm

    Mouse pad made of pressed microfibers to provide maximum softness in the movement of the mouse and a great sliding capacity. Kaus has a natural rubber base that favors grip and is finished with double braided threads carefully sewn to the edges. Kaus is extra thin (only 3 mm) and is available in two sizes, 250x200x3mm and 900x350x3mm.

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    • Smooth microfiber and pressed surface
    • Natural rubber base
    • Available in two dimensions:
      • Small: 250x200x3mm
      • Ultra: 900x350x3mm
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    Not your typical mouse pad

    The difference with respect to "ordinary" mouse pads is obvious: Kaus is made of extremely fine pressed microfibers that guarantee maximum smoothness in your movements and a great gliding capacity

    Precision in the details

    The professional finish does not end there, as the edges of Kaus are finished with carefully stitched double braided threads.

    Safety and control in every movement

    Kaus has a natural rubber base that adheres perfectly to any surface, giving you a feeling of total grip and avoiding annoying slipping

    In media res

    In the middle ground is the virtue and that is why we have given Kaus an extra-thin thickness (only 3 mm) but enough to correct the small imperfections of the surface on which we support it.

    Tailored to you

    Kaus is available in two sizes, the smallest (250x200x3mm) and the largest (900x350x3mm) so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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