what is the "digital royalty"?

It is an economic compensation that, after the approval of Decree-Law 12/2017 will benefit authors, publishers and creators for the sale, by manufacturers and distributors, of devices, equipment or systems capable of making copies of protected works. The digital or private copy levy is the fee imposed when acquiring an electronic support capable of producing, storing or reproducing content for possible copies that may be made in the private sphere. Therefore, Nfortec will have to charge for the sale of any Alcyon storage model at

when did the rule come into force?

The rule came into force on August 1, 2017.

what is private copying?

The so-called "private copy" is a legal limit to the author's exclusive right to authorize or prohibit the reproduction of his works. Directive 2001/29/EC and the Intellectual Property Law (art. 31.2) regulate this limit and allow individuals to make copies of works to which they have lawfully accessed, for their personal use, without the authorization of the rightholder. As a counterpart to this limit, the law provides for fair compensation (article 25), aimed at mitigating the economic damage that private copying causes to the owners of the rights of the works.

In this sense, those companies, professionals, freelancers and public bodies exempted in the sense indicated above, will have to prove to PcComponentes, by means of the certificates established in the Royal Decree-Law, that they are within the cases of exemption from the royalty, in order to be able to legally apply them.

who will be the beneficiaries of the "digital canon"?

Authors, performers, publishers and producers of books and other publications, phonograms, videograms and other sound, visual or audiovisual media.

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